Small Change: Walk or run for 40 minutes on 3 days + 1 cross-training activity on 1 day this week

Topic Progress:

If you met last week’s goal, you’ve reached 40 minutes of brisk walking or running on 3 days. That’s 120 minutes each week.  160 minutes if you’ve been doing an aerobic activity on your cross-training day.  So, what’s with the math?

The Physical Activity Guidelines For Americans recommend 150-300 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise to achieve significant health benefits.  In the final week of Small Changes for Health, you got into this range.  That’s awesome!

If you chose to add strength training on your cross-training day, you are well on your way to the recommendations for this type of activity too.  It is recommended that adults include muscle-strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week in addition to an aerobic activity, like walking or running.

Are you new to strength training?   Check out our Let’s Move board on Pinterest for our favorite body weight and home-based strength training workouts.  We’ve also included ideas to get the kids in your life moving too.  Another great way to get started with strength training is to schedule time with a credentialed fitness professional who can show you proper form. Ask at your local gym or fitness center.  Some fitness centers may offer an introductory session with fitness professional when you join or periodically throughout your membership.  Ask!  If you prefer to work out at home, there are independent fitness professionals who may be willing to work with you there.

Whether you opt for the gym or home, make sure to look for a credentialed fitness professional like those offered by ACSM and NASM.  Credentials matter!  If your fitness professional offers nutrition recommendations and/or meal plans, make sure he or she is a registered dietitian qualified to offer it.

If you haven’t added cross-training into your routine yet, you’ve got another  opportunity to try it.  This week, your small change is to walk or run for 40 minutes at least 3 days this week and add in a cross-training activity on 1 day.

What will you do to reach your goal this week?


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