Small Change: Walk or run for 30 minutes on 3 days and do a cross-training activity on 1 day this week

Topic Progress:

Before you add another 10 minutes, check-in:  How does it feel to move for 20 minutes?  Is it still a challenge or are you ready to do more?

Maybe your body is ready for more but you wonder where you will find another 10 minutes. The great thing about being physically active is that it can be done in a longer session like 40-60 minutes or you can break it up into a few chunks of activity. Did you know that getting your heart rate up for 10 minutes can be beneficial? That’s right! You can keep your 20 minute activity in place and choose to add a 10 minute activity, like a brisk walk during your lunch break, and meet the overall goal of 30 minutes during the day. Plus, that 10 minute mid day walk can be a nice stress reliever.  Spoiler alert: we’re talking about stress relief next week.

How will you get your 30 minutes today?

Now that you are moving your body more often, you may be seeing benefits to your mood, energy, and sleep! As long as you don’t add intense physical activity too close to bedtime, regular physical activity can improve the quality of sleep, our next topic for this week.

Moving throughout the day in smaller chunks can up productivity and lower stress levels. Look ahead at your schedule to find windows of opportunity for you to move.  Take a walk at lunch, or use a bathroom on another floor.  It’s all helpful! Write it down on the Plan to Move More sheet from Week 3. Then, post it where you will see it like your fridge or desk so you remember to do it!


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