Small Change: Walk or run for 20 minutes at least 4 days this week

Topic Progress:

With this change, you’ve added one more day of exercise to your week and will now exercise on more days than you don’t!  As you continue to add exercise to your schedule on more days, it will be helpful to look ahead at your week.  What appointments or events do you see?  Once you’ve had a chance to look over your weekly schedule, you can better plan which days and times you will be able to dedicate to movement.

One of your handouts for this week is a weekly sheet for you to write down when you plan to exercise. Look for ways to move throughout the day too.  Look at your schedule for any conflicts and then add the activity to your calendar.

What else needs to happen to keep the momentum going this week?

Support: Who could support you? Ask a family member to start dinner while you walk around the neighborhood.

Change Environment: Do you have a visual reminder or alert? Set out your shoes and clothes in the morning so you see them when you get home.


Post your schedule where you will see it!