Small Change: Walk or run 40 minutes for 3 days + 1 cross-training activity on 1 day

Topic Progress:

This is the same amount of activity as last week.  Keep in mind, this helps your body to change gradually.  40 minutes is a hefty chunk of time so let’s look at how it went last week to figure out how to meet the goal this week.

Let’s say you met the goal last week.

How did you add the extra 10 minutes?  Was it easy?  Could you repeat it this week?  OK.  It sounds like you’ve got your plan for this week.

What if you did not meet the goal last week?

It happens.  How was your self-talk?  Did you beat yourself up or be kind?

Take a moment to change any negative self-talk and then let’s move on to action.  What got in the way of meeting your goal?  The answer could give you an idea of what to try this week.  You may want to use last week’s exercise plan and give it a go again.  If at first you don’t succeed, right?

It’s also possible that the plan from last week didn’t account for a road block you’ll face each week.

For example: Does your kid have soccer practice every week on one of your exercise days?  If so, could you walk around the field while they practice?  If yes, you’ve got a way to fit in physical activity.  There may also be another parent who will walk with you.  New habits tend to stick with support.

What if the schedule conflict doesn’t allow for active time?  Look for a new day and change the exercise schedule this week.

How will you meet your goal this week?

Tip:  Tell Your Support Network!

Write down your exercise plan and post it where you will see it or create calendar entries.  Share your plan with the household, a coworker, or a friend.  Stating your goals can help to create accountability and make you more energized to achieve it!