Small Change: 20 minutes for 3 days – walk/ run* + 1 cross-training activity 1 day

Topic Progress:

We’ve kept the activity level the same so you have another week to practice adding in cross-training.  Running and walking are great forms of cardiovascular exercise. The best part of a walk or run is that it can be done with little equipment and an many different times in the day. You can walk during your lunch break or go for a morning run. Cross-training is just as important as cardiovascular exercise for your health. Building muscle can protect our bones and joints, reducing pain and injury. You can also cross-train without buying expensive equipment.  Grab dumbbells, canned goods, or a milk jug and try something new this week.

Here are more ways to cross-train on a budget:

  • Find free exercise videos on YouTube
  • Check out these household items to use as exercise equipment here
  • Use a jump rope
  • Run up and down your home stairs
  • Find free community yoga or donation based yoga in your area
  • Find a park with an outdoor training system