Small Change: Walk/run for 20 minutes on 2 days this week

Topic Progress:

Walking is one of the best forms of movement for most people. It can be done in a variety of locations and it doesn’t require much - a pair of well-fitting walking shoes and a little determination will get you on your way to better health.  If walking is easy for you, feel free to do other activities that get your body and heart rate moving. The weekly small change is meant to push you out of your comfort zone but still be doable given your current fitness level.

4 Ways to move more:

  1. Sign up for indoor swimming
  2. Engage in body weight exercises (ex: wall push-ups, knee lifts, arm lifts, arm circles, low-level step ups)
  3. Ride a bike (stationary or outdoors)
  4. Improve balance with a yoga class

Benefits of moving more:

Your body was designed to move.  Regular physical activity can strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase flexibility. These changes can reduce the risk of falls, injuries, and pain. Physical activity also enhances “feel good” chemicals in the brain and can spark a mental boost! It’s great for the whole body so, find an activity you enjoy, start moving more, and feel the benefits!