Power Up! Partner up with a friend or family member when doing a stress relief activity at least 1 of the 3 days.

Topic Progress:

Do your regular stress relief activities keep you calm as a cucumber (yum, veggies!). Then try the Power Up!  Partner with a friend or family member when doing a stress relief activity at least 1 of the 3 days.

Tip: Reframe those thoughts!

Don’t give everyday stressors the power to cause chronic stress. How you THINK about a situation can impact your body’s stress response.  Do you remember the challenge from Week 2 when you took a negative thought about your body and changed it to be more positive? Try it with any thought that makes you feel badly.  Does traffic get you riled? Or maybe a coworker doesn’t treat you with respect. Neither of these situations are within your control but you have control in how you THINK about and respond to them.


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