Power Up! Look for 1 new way to reduce exposure to toxins from smoke.

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Do you already have a smoke-free home and car?  Let’s look at the other types of exposure with the Power Up!  Look for 1 new way to reduce exposure to toxins from smoke - whether it is second-hand smoke or residual smoke on clothing and furniture (third-hand smoke) to which you may be exposed.  This will likely involve communicating your household rules with those who care for your children, pets, or home and property.  

Tips to combat second- and third-hand smoke:

  • Maintain a smoke-free environment at home and in your car.
  • Remove children and pets from places where smoking is allowed, even if no one is smoking while you are there.
  • Choose a babysitter and/or pet sitter who does not smoke.
  • Professionally clean your home or car to remove residual toxins.
  • Vacation toxin-free by requesting a smoke-free room.
  • Do not let anyone use e-cigarettes in your home, car, or near your child or pet.  E-cigarette vapors contain harmful chemicals as well.