Bonus Healthy Habit Challenge: (OPTIONAL) Schedule at least TWO preventive visits, screenings, or immunizations and add it to your calendar. You don’t have to go during this week, just get it scheduled.

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Your BONUS Healthy Habit Challenge is to schedule at least 2 preventative visits or screenings and add it to your calendar.  You don’t have to attend them during this week, just get it scheduled.

Why attend regular screenings and other preventive health measures?

According to the CDC, everyone needs an ounce of prevention.  Preventative health care (screenings, check-ups, vaccinations, etc.) are important to prevent illnesses, diseases, or other health problems.  Preventative health care also helps to catch health problems at earlier stages, when treatment is more effective.

What screenings are recommended?

Preventative healthcare measures vary by age and gender.  We’ve listed some of the most common screenings for adults in this week’s handout.

Other great resources:

Your employer or private insurance plan may offer incentives or discounts when you attend annual screenings, complete routine blood work, or receive recommended immunizations.  Ask your HR department about Employee Wellness Initiatives or reach out to your insurance company for benefits information.



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