Week 2: Be Compassionate to YOU

Welcome to Week 2 of Small Changes for Health 2019, “An Ounce of Prevention.” How did it go last week?  Did you meet your goal to walk or run for 20 minutes on at least 2 days?

If so, great job.  How did you make that happen?  Can you keep the momentum going to achieve this week’s goal? If not, what did you say to yourself when you didn’t meet the goal? Did you use harsh words?  Sometimes we get the message that scolding or shaming ourselves (AKA negative self-talk) will motivate us but it’s just not true.

There will be more on negative self-talk next. First, let’s talk about what you were able to do.  Did you walk for 10 minutes?  Or maybe you got in 1 of the 2 days?  That’s great too.  Think about what you were able to do and give yourself a pat on the back.  Then, ask yourself what got in the way of meeting the goal.  Now, use that information to plan this week.  Even if you didn’t do any physical activity in week 1, you can always try again PLUS, you’ve got new insights to help you create a better plan going forward.