Welcome to Small Changes for Health 2019.  The theme for this year is “An Ounce of Prevention”.  Whether you’d like to minimize your risk for chronic disease, or slow the progression of an existing disease, the healthy habits you build will support either goal.

Small Changes for Health starts January 14, 2019 and continues for 10 weeks.  Each week, you receive a weekly “small change” to your activity level and a healthy habit challenge to try.  Additional handouts and resources are available that help you achieve the weekly goals. Once you review the material, you will be asked to answer one question related to the information you just learned about.

Achievement Badges & Contest Entry

Once you complete each step, you receive an electronic badge.  These electronic badges will serve as your entry ticket into the grand prize drawing.  Click here for contest details.

Building Healthier Habits

We know changing habits isn’t easy!  Small Changes for Health is designed to encourage and guide you as you try on healthier behaviors.  We encourage you to try each one for the assigned week.  If you find that the healthy behavior is beneficial, add it to you lifestyle!  The program includes resources to help you plan ahead, shape your environment to support you, and build a support network of people and services.  With a plan, changes to your environment, and support, it is possible to turn healthier behaviors into habits that last.

What are the healthy behaviors?

The first week begins with 20 minutes of an activity that will get your heart beating faster, like brisk walking.  You will add small amounts to your activity each week.  An example of a healthy habit “challenge” may be to add a serving of fruit or vegetable to a meal.

It is important to begin where you are.  If 20 minutes is too difficult, try 10 minutes.  If it’s too easy, add time or run instead of walk.  We offer ideas on how to change the goal and encourage you to make it your own.

Is it healthy for me to participate?

This program includes exercise, nutrition, and mental health strategies.  We’ve designed them to improve health but there may be times when it isn’t recommended that you join a wellness program.

Some examples may be if you:

  • Have an injury that impacts your movement
  • Are currently being treated for an eating disorder
  • Do not have clearance by your doctor for exercise

We recommend that you talk to your doctor to make sure it is healthy and safe for you to participate.

Am I ready to make changes?
This is a great question to ask yourself.  If you aren’t ready or interested in changing your lifestyle, you are less likely to do it.

Use this week to get ready!

  1. Check with your doctor
  2. Get a pair of shoes that fit you well - look for shoes that will support, and cushion your feet while you walk or run.
  3. Get a reusable water bottle so that you can carry water with you.
  4. Take the Program Start Survey.
  5. Try a Bonus Healthy Habit Challenge! (optional)

By signing up to participate, you will take the first step to add healthy habits into your lifestyle. We begin January 14 but feel free to continue to the optional pre-program activities.