About the SCFH Program

Small Changes for Health (SCFH) 2019 is a program designed to help you add more healthy behaviors, one week at a time. The overarching theme for this year is “An Ounce of Prevention.”  Whether you’d like to do what you can to minimize your risk for chronic disease, or prevent the progression of an existing disease, the habits you build through the program will support goals like these.

Each week we unveil two goals, a small change in activity and a healthy habit challenge, designed to focus on a health-related behavior that, if done on a regular basis, will enhance your overall health. Challenge yourself to complete each one for the assigned week. If you find you benefit from the healthy habit, you are encouraged to make it a regular part of your life. Remember, it takes time for new behaviors to become habits.  Keep practicing throughout the 10-week program and beyond.

While the program activities can be done solo, bring someone along for the journey and reap all the benefits that having a partner can provide.  When you build a support network, healthy habits are more likely to last.  Plus, it’s more fun!

Small Changes for Health 2019 is designed to start you off slow and increase your physical activity over time. Exercise may be physically challenging, especially if your activity level has been low. You are encouraged to do what you can to stick with the program. You may feel better as a result!   Of course, it is important to check with your doctor before beginning this program to make sure it is safe for you to exercise.

Get a good pair of walking/running shoes, grab a friend to join with you and we will see you for the Small Changes for Health 2019 kick-off on January 14, 2019!

Here are some suggestions to prepare for this program:

  1. Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to exercise.
  2. Buy a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes for walking or running.
  3. Find light weights to use for weight-bearing activities. (Note: You may also use canned foods, full water jugs, or resistance bands.)
  4. Get yourself a reusable water bottle to carry water with you.
  5. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to add to meals and snacks.