City of St. Louis Department of Health (logo)

About St. Louis City Department of Health

The City of St. Louis Department of Health strives to make the City of Saint Louis an environment that fosters healthy lifestyles. We have a commitment to assure a healthy community through continuous protection, prevention, and promotion of the public’s health. We employ caring, qualified, culturally competent individuals who are responsive and proactive to community needs.

There are many aspects to creating a living environment that protects the public’s health. One aspect, health promotion and chronic disease prevention can be accomplished through nutrition and exercise education. The City of Saint Louis Department of Health is unique from other city health departments because we specifically put resources into promoting behavior and lifestyle changes for residents. Through the Health Promotion, Education, and Marketing department, we partner with community organizations to deliver accurate information and comprehensive services which support city residents in achieving their wellness goals.

One of the primary initiatives taken on by the Health Promotion, Education, and Marketing department has been to prevent and reduce obesity and its associated health complications. Let's Move STL has enhanced the Health Department’s capability to reach City residents by giving employees and professionals a medium to inform residents about health services and community events. Our ultimate goal at Let's Move STL is to provide the tools that individuals need to make positive changes on their own, which form healthy habits that last a lifetime.

The Department of Health’s Health Promotion, Education, and Marketing department is proud to partner with Emmis Communications and AARP to bring Small Changes for Health 2018 to life. This collaboration greatly improves the reach and impact of the Let's Move STL and furthers the ultimate goal of decreased obesity and chronic disease in the Saint Louis region.